Mini Cookvention
Venue: Uddevalla, Sweden
Date: 10th May, 2014.
Hosts: Nils-Owe, Peter and Christer
Guests: Ingemar and Agneta

On May 10th, there was time for another mini-cookvention, this time in Uddevalla, where BGS 8 Nils-Owe welcomed BGS 4 Peter and BGS 2 Christer. As Peter and Christer had not met for quite some time, this was a real good occasion for a re-union, and as we enjoyed it!!!

Peter and Nils-Owe picked up Christer from the railway station, but they had forgotten to bring the famous whisky-bag (luckily, Christer had brought a bag with proper ingredients...)

So, arriving in Nils-Owes flat, it was time for the first drinks, two shots of Mummelmann (in case you did not know, this is rather similar to Jägermeister, and it goes very well with coffee). As Nils-Owe had prepared a lot of the ingredients, we had time to try Gajol Liquorice Akvavit, thankfully offered by Peter.

After this, Christer offered a classy Caipirinha, and Nils-Owe then served the classy GT, so we finally could get started with the menu!!

Just before the dinner was to start, Ingemar (the permanent bartender) and the neighbour Agneta arrived for the following seven-course dinner.


Welcome drink Bossanova


Seafood Bisque
Marques de Riscal 2013, Rueda, Spain


Toast Cured Salmon with Horseradishcream
Marques de Riscal 2013, Rueda, Spain


Seafood Cocktail with Rhode Island Sauce
Turchheim Pinot Gris Reserve 2013, Alsace, France


Rullades of Sole with Saffron Sauce
Domaine de La Baume, Sauvignon Blanc 2013


Sorbet Blueberries


Stek of Veal with Cantarelle Sauce and Broccoli
Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec 2012, Mendoza, Argentine


Figues in Cognac, served with real, old-fashioned Vanilla Icecream
Hazelnut Liquor out of Bohuslän

Kantarell soup with dot of cream fresh

The evening was finished off by a KP (Kvälls-Pilsner = Evening Beer)

That was an enjoyable evening, and no one had a bad morning the day after