Mini Cookvention
Venue: Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 28th September, 2014.

And than it happened! Stefen and Christer, were here for a short visit and asked if we would like to have a home made smoked salmon for dinner on Sunday, September 28th! It took us only a few seconds to say YES!

On Sunday we arrived to Stefan's place around 6 pm and were given a glass of champagne as a starter. Very nice. Light talk while Stefan finalished the salmon, the sallad and the potatoes, with the help of Christer. He and Christer even managed to come with a very nice surprise - a toast Skagen with also smoked salmon inside. Wounderful.

That went down very nicely with some white wine and was followed by the salmon which also met no resistans at all. Another very nice white wine was served to the salmon. We were kindly asked to wait for the dessert, which turned out to be some french cheeses sereved with portwine. And condiments. Coffea and avec and pices of chocklad came as a final dish.

That was a very nice home smoked warm salmon dinner again!